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Microweber 1.3.2​ is now available. This release includes minor changes and bug fixes.


Microweber | Portal/ CMSTine 2 2023.01.28.39 is an open source project which combines groupware and CRM in one consistent interface. Tine 2.0 is web-based and optimises collaboration and organisation of groups in a lasting manner.
Tine 2.0 unites all the advantages of open source software with an extraordinarily high level of usability and an equally high standard of professional software development. This is what makes the difference between Tine 2.0 and many other existing groupware solutions.



Microweber 1.3.2 Changelog


🐞 Bug fixes

  • Big maintenance release
  • Improvements in live edit mode
  • Refactored the admin content list
  • Refactored the admin orders list
  • Refactored file browser
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added Import and Export module to import content
  • Other fixes
  • A non-numeric value encountered error when purifying HTML (#2629)



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: CMS, Content Management System, Portal, Softaculous

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