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ProjeQtOr 10.4.2 is now available. This release includes bug fixes.


ProjeQtOr | Projects ManagerProjeQtOr 10.4.2 is an open source project management software grouping in a single tool all the features needed to organize your projects. It is simple, easy to use daily while covering a maximum of project management features. Its particularity, in addition to its completeness, is to be quality oriented.



ProjeQtOr 10.4.2 Changelog


Bug fixes

  • #7186 Notification with “number of times before” stops at target date
  • #7206 Critical Resource : in some cases, when scenario reports one project, all work not planned
  • #7216 API : duplicate fields
  • #7220 On notification definition, if just receiver not set, blocking message
  • #7221 Delete Asset may generate error
  • #7222 Critical Resource – Graph for pool : pool should appear first, it may appear last
  • #7224 Export list to PDF : last column truncated
  • #7235 Critical Resources : table with periods, extend height to screen height
  • #7236 Critical Resources : Work capacity graph – replace sum with real capacity
  • #7239 Cannot remove Link with PHP 8.1
  • #7245 Activity : update end date without start date, duration deleted
  • #7247 Report Work Plan between dates – Add option to hide empty lines (project with no work)
  • #7248 Right click popup on Activities should always be visible
  • #7249 On Assignment Screen, it is not possible to replace a Ressource with a Pool
  • #7255 Performance issue on Test Session with many test case run
  • #7256 Critical Resource : Delayed Project may add unexpected surbooking



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: File Management, Project Management, Softaculous

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