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Pimcore 10.6.4​ is now available. This release includes minor changes and bug fixes.


Pimcore 10.6.4 is a powerful and robust Zend Framework based PHP content management system (WCMS) for creating and managing digital content and assets.
Besides being a full-featured open-source WCMS system, pimcore is the first and premier PHP open source enterprise product information management framework (PIM) available.



Pimcore 10.6.4 Changelog


🐞 Bug fixes

  • removed deprecation warning
  • Update CKEditor to version 4.22.1
  • [Bug]: Floating WYSIWYG menu
  • [Bug]: Fix Base Units in QuantityValue Unit GridView not displaying all units
  • fix: check if asset id exists before creating a hotspot image
  • Support StatusCodes other than redirects in RedirectHandler
  • [Bug]: high res pdf thumbnails always display page 1
  • Allow configuring Argon2 password hashes only if the algorithm exists
  • Fix: No encoder has been configured for account “Pimcore\Security\User\User”
  • fix: high res PDF thumbnails always display page 1
  • Fix: preg_match(): Argument #2 ($subject) must be of type string, bool given
  • [BUG] getValidKey() – key should not end with space after cut
  • Fix PhpDocs in Imagick adapter
  • WYSIWYG Menu Floating Fix
  • [Bug]: Can’t preview object for main site if other sites are configured
  • [Bug]: Fix object preview not displaying main site
  • [Bug]: Quote sorting key
  • [Bug]: Nginx does not allow to deliver .webp files
  • [Doc] Nginx does not allow to deliver .webp files
  • Fix error on – Trying to access array offset
  • [Bug]: Copy document tree (with inheritance) fails Pimcore 10.6/11
  • [Bug]: Fix Document paste inheritance infinite loop
  • [Bug]: [FieldCollection] Data Loss if Relation has been deleted
  • [Bug][FieldCollection]: Fixes potential relation data loss
  • [Bug] – Deadlock found when trying to get lock on DataObject import
  • [Bug]: JsonHelperTrait is marked as internal despite being a deprecation resolution
  • do not mark JsonHelperTrait as internal

? Changed

  • Update Video.php
  • Make phpdoc consistent with higher version

? Security

  • Confidential information provided to user with no permissions
  • Fix Xss in the link Editable
  • Fix Xss in the Search Documents



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: CMS, Content Management System, Portal, Softaculous

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