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Kopage 4.4.8 is now available. This release includes minor improvements and bug fixes.


Kopage | CMS | PortalKopage 4.4.8 is a Website Builder for Webhosts and Webhosting Industry, compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin, Parallels Plesk and other hosting control panels.


Kopage 4.4.8 Changelog


Bug Fixes Bug Fixes

  • Font-size control change in editor
    When there’s a selection in the content editor, font-size will be applied only to the selection. With nothing selected, changes will apply to the entire editable element.
  • Gallery Default thumbnails size increased
    Gallery’s thumbnails are now 600px in size instead of 300px by default.
  • Copy and paste improved
    When you paste content from another website to your editor, formatting (like new lines or lists) is improved when filtering.
  • Countdown action control
    When countdown has finished, it’s now possible to set preferred actions, show a message or redirect to another subpage (or a URL)
  • Animations-on-scroll controls in Block Designer
    When creating or editing custom content blocks in Content Block Designer, it’s now possible to set animation effects to elements, and animation delay to control order of appearance
  • Language file cleanup
    ~600 of language phrases no longer used in the latest version of Kopage were removed from translation system and language files.
  • Blog Loading speed improvements
    Blog posts with images (except cover image) will now “lazy load” to improve page loading speed
  • Minor improvements



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: CMS, Content Management System, Portal, Softaculous

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