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Invoice Ninja 5.5.66 is now available. This release includes minor changes and bug fixes.


Invoice Ninja 5.5.50 | E-CommerceInvoice Ninja 5.5.66 was built to serve freelancers and business owners with a complete suite of invoicing & payment tools to advance your business.



Invoice Ninja 5.5.66 Changelog

Signifcant changes onboard here:

  1. Webhooks were refactored and tested end to end, there were edge cases where previously webhooks were not firing or firing multiple times for the same event. Multiple new webhooks have also been added for Vendors, Products and also restore/delete events have been added.
  2. The way in which we queue webhooks for sending has also been improved. Previously the app was optimistic when sending webhooks and did not closely inspect the returning response. The new implementation monitors the responses from the webhook endpoint and adjusts the retries appropriately depending on the response codes. An improved backoff strategy is also employeed to improve webhooks completing successfuly
  3. Email attachments larger than 3mb are no longer attached to the email, instead a download link is provided in the email itself. Attempting to send very large email email attachments will cause the upstream servers to reject the email. This has consequential effects on the queue as the app attempts to requeue the email for retry.

📝 Changed

  • Adding additional filter methods by @paulwer in #8227
  • Add Webhook for archiving / restoring by @LarsK1 in #8216
  • Minor cleanup for filters by @turbo124 in #8232
  • Refactor for Observers by @turbo124 in #8237
  • Enhance discount label if percentage (closes #8204) by @tissieres in #8226
  • Optional user input after a quote is approved. by @turbo124 in #8242
  • Production builds for js by @turbo124 in #8243
  • v5.5.66 by @turbo124 in #8244

🧮 Added

  • Adding filter methods for projects, tasks and vendors
  • Enhance discount label if percentage @tissieres
  • Move invoice archive to Base Repository
  • Refactor for permissions to include Edit permissions when testing view permissions
  • Fixes for observers
  • Change error page for subscriptions where upgrade is not available
  • Custom exception page for client portal
  • Support legacy vars
  • Fixes for mailers when attachments are too large
  • Fixes for exception testing
  • Add download route for Quote PDF
  • Add download route for Credit PDF
  • Add download route for Purchase Order PDF
  • OPENAPI docs for download PDF
  • Allow customization of the sending email address when using Postmark …
  • Allow tasks to be imported as a type
  • Skip writing to failed_jobs
  • Update postmark sending email address for Statement mailer
  • Required info binding with required client info
  • Add custom fields to required client info at checkout
  • Accept user input from approve quote flow
  • Attach links instead of files for attachments that are greater than 3mb
  • Production builds for js

💎 Contributors

  • turbo124
  • tissieres
  • LarsK1
  • paulwer



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: Billing System, E-Commerce, ecommerce, Softaculous

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