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Drupal 10.0.2 is now available. This release includes a security patch.


Drupal | CMSDrupal 10.0.2 is an open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic web sites offering a broad range of features and services including user administration, publishing workflow, discussion capabilities, news aggregation, metadata functionalities using controlled vocabularies and XML publishing for content sharing purposes.



Drupal 10.0.2 Changelog

This is a security release of the Drupal 10 series.

🔐 Security

The Media Library module does not properly check entity access in some circumstances. This may result in users with access to edit content seeing metadata about media items they are not authorized to access.

The vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that the inaccessible media will only be visible to users who can already edit content that includes a media reference field.

💎 Contributors

  • Lee Rowlands of the Drupal Security Team
  • Dan Flanagan
  • Sean Blommaert
  • xjm of the Drupal Security Team
  • Benji Fisher of the Drupal Security Team
  • Dave Long of the Drupal Security Team
  • Jen Lampton, provisional member of the Drupal Security Team
  • Sascha Grossenbacher
  • Lauri Eskola, provisional member of the Drupal Security Team



Although updates are tested, you’re always encouraged to backup your files before patching.

Tags: CMS, Content Management System, Portal, Softaculous

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