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Zen Cart 1.5.6a is now available. This release includes minor fixes.

Zen Cart 1.5.6a Changelog

Zen Cart E-Commerce

Zen Cart E-Commerce

The bugfixes in v1.5.6a since original v1.5.6 include:

  • Admin: Fix problem with creating coupons with percent off
  • Admin: Fix broken attribute-copy-to-whole-category
  • Admin: Improve whos-online session_decoding
  • Admin: Fix deletion of multilingual ez-pages when deleting a language
  • Admin: Fix validation of products_url in collect_info
  • Admin: Add notifier for categories-products-listing, allowing an observer to insert an additional status-type icon.
  • Admin: Fix geo-zones editor: wasn’t saving inserts/edits due to wrong parameter
  • Admin: Fix Spiffycal issues in Products Price Manager
  • Admin: On config pages, only show the first 40 chars of a long config value so screen won’t get messed up
  • Modify notifier for zen_get_products_stock
  • Prevent error: Cannot change session id when session is active
  • Show default quantity of 1 in products_quantity_discounts if product doesn’t have a discount quantity.
  • Fix missing EMAIL_TEXT_TELEPHONE in email
  • Avoid errors when restoring cart while cart has product with attibutes without a text attribute.
  • Clear strict notifications based around shipping and shipping estimates.
  • Update and consolidate error handler code
  • Prevent ezpages “countable” warnings in logs
  • Fix error in perweightunit module
  • Added missing ‘zen_updated_by_admin’ function
  • Tax: Additional tax-handling notifications
  • Tax: Allow override of zen_get_tax_rate return value.
  • ot_coupon.php: Let an observer know that the coupon has been removed.
  • ot_coupon.php: Indicate that the coupon processing is starting and then, for each product, notify whether/not the product qualifies for the discount.
  • ot_shipping.php: Allow override of the shipping tax, since it can vary from one location to another.
  • Template: Auto scroll-to-top on ajax confirmation page
  • Template: Update the EN flag icon (previous gif was bad)
  • Template: Added back language define which will be used by older templates
  • zc_install: Handle old date_added zero dates
  • zc_install: handle ezpages migration to multilingual where table-prefixes are used
  • and a number of additional tweaks for PHP 7.2+ compatibility


Tags: E-Commerce, Softaculous, Zen Cart

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