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Zen Cart 1.5.6 is now available. Improvements and bugfixes.

Zen Cart 1.5.6 Changelog

Zen Cart E-Commerce

Zen Cart E-Commerce

The most notable improvements and bugfixes in v1.5.6 since v1.5.5 include:

  • Core – Updated dozens of files for compatibility with PHP 7.2, and 7.3
  • Admin – Sales-Report graphs on Admin dashboard
  • Checkout – customer confirmation emails now include customer delivery telephone number
  • Checkout – Square Payment support is now built-in. Start taking credit card payments in just 5 minutes! See
  • Admin – Reworded “in stock”/”out of stock” to “enabled”/”disabled” on product-edit pages due to popular request
  • Admin – Most of the Admin pages have received styling updates for consistency and improved support for smaller screens (credits @Zen4All)
  • Admin – Admin pages now show their name in browser tabs, instead of generic “Admin”
  • Admin – Order pages now have some observer hooks to allow plugins to display “more data” with less code-changes
  • Admin – GV Queue indicator in Admin Header bar can be enabled/disabled in GV Module settings
  • Coupon new features added: search, export, reactivate, delete duplicates, clone existing coupons
  • Coupons can now be restricted to amount of an order or of a specific product
  • Coupons can now be restricted to customers having a specified number of previous purchases
  • Coupons can now be restricted to products not on sale
  • Coupons restrictions can now be bulk-added via manufacturer filter
  • Coupon Usage Report added
  • Template – CSS spans added around product-qty min/max/unit output, so that these items can be selectively hidden if needed. (Credits @lat9)
  • Template – Compatibility updates to accommodate OnePageCheckout plugin integration
  • Core: Added language-change notifier hooks
  • Enhancement – Updated database to store more order-related data for easier order-reconstruction. This can help allow plugins to do more with completed order details.
  • Enhancement – File-Uploading now gives more detailed feedback about failures related to invalid file types.
  • Fixed – date display on Admin warning about log data is now formatted with store’s default date format
  • Mobile – Updated embedded MobileDetect to latest version
  • Email – Updated embedded PHPMailer to latest version
  • Utility – CurlTester has more links to external diagnostic tools, including TLS Testing verification
  • Utility – Plugin version-check utility optimized to allow specific version-comparisons, and adapt to timeouts more quickly.
  • DB: Remove unused basket ‘final_price’ field from database
  • Removed old sagepay_form payment module, and old authorizenet_echeck payment module.
  • All known v1.5.5 bugfixes and security fixes are included in v1.5.6
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