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Jamroom 6.2.0 is now available. This release includes fixes and improvements.

Jamroom 6.2.0 Changelog

Jamroom | Portal/ CMS

Jamroom | Portal/ CMS



  • New: Improved sort performance when listing items using a Cluster Scaling Tools key index
  • New: “form_create” event trigger added that is fired when a new form session is created
  • New: Pagination has been added to the Restore Recycle Bin Item content listing


  • Change: “date” and “datetime” form fields now use the same calendar chooser as the “daterange” field
  • Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 4.9.2
  • Change: Text change to advise admins when deleting a pending user the associated profile will not be deleted
  • Change: Logged email when using the “Log Sent Email to Activity Log” option are now stripped of HTML
  • Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.33


  • Bug Fix: Very large profiles with thousands of items may not appear in the Recycle Bin when deleted
  • Bug Fix: Some select options in the module Global Config may not show as pre-selected correctly
  • Bug Fix: Email addresses with consecutive periods in the local portion were being allowed
  • Bug Fix: Some queue entries may not be deleted correctly after failing 10 consecutive times
  • Bug Fix: Possible CORB error when streaming audio or video using Chrome
  • Bug Fix: Some downloaded item files may not get the correct file extension for the file type
  • Bug Fix: Cached results could be used in some instances when “no_cache” parameter is set
  • Bug Fix: Select fields using optgroups may not validate correctly in some instances
  • Bug Fix: Some [code] blocks with embedded [code] blocks could be rendered incorrectly



Tags: CMS, Jamroom, Portal, Softaculous

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