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Drupal 8.6.5 is now available. This release includes bug fixes.

Drupal 8.6.5 Changelog

Drupal | Portal/ CMS

Drupal | Portal/ CMS


Changes since 8.6.4

  • #3023402 by alexpott: \Drupal\Tests\Component\Datetime\DateTimePlusTest fails on latest PHP7.3 build
  • #3001997 by Krzysztof Domańskii, scott_euser, alexpott: Transliteration a string containing an unknown character (e.g. 0x80) is not valid
  • #3018942 by welly, alexpott, jibran, Krzysztof Domańskii, floydm: Domain URL language detection – InvalidArgumentException: The user-entered
  • string must begin with a ‘/’, ‘?’, or ‘#’
  • #3020902 by Berdir, alexpott: PostgresqlDateSql fails to serialize
  • Revert “Issue #2986725 by Mile23, devitate, alexpott: doctrine common 2.9 has moved reflection”
  • #3022183 by wengerk, benjifisher: Fix BlockContentAccessHandlerTest::providerTestAccess wrong coverage by early return
  • #2984072 by vijaycs85, Lendude, ApacheEx, dawehner: System: Convert ErrorHandlerTest to phpunit
  • #3019706 by hchonov, alexpott, sheanhoxie, jibran, dawehner: Functional JS Tests are broken if XDEBUG_CONFIG is set as an env variable
  • Revert “Issue #3019706 by hchonov, jibran: Functional JS Tests are broken if XDEBUG_CONFIG is set as an env variable”
  • #3021204 by maxocub: Remove maxocub from Migrate maintainers
  • #3019706 by hchonov, jibran: Functional JS Tests are broken if XDEBUG_CONFIG is set as an env variable
  • #2986725 by Mile23, devitate, alexpott: doctrine common 2.9 has moved reflection
  • #2939908 by kjay, steveparks, spitzialist, cferthorney, danharper, Eli-T: Add an article to Umami – Dairy-free chocolate
  • #3007439 by tim.plunkett, Wim Leers, xopoc: Layout builder renders Book navigation block on non-book pages
  • #2927768 by justinlevi, Lendude, pritish.kumar, Wim Leers, dawehner: Update RestRegisterUserTest to use the ResourceTestBase base class instead of the deprecated RESTTestBase
  • #3020550 by catch: Passing commands as a string to Process is deprecated in Symfony 4
  • #3020579 by catch: TypeError: Argument 3 passed to Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Event\FilterResponseEvent::__construct() must be of the type integer, string given [Symfony 4]
  • #2618606 by dawehner, rbayliss: Update.php – Reverse proxy settings not used
  • #2865344 by mpdonadio, Lendude, mbovan, organicwire, alexpott, jibran, jhedstrom, bobemoe, Berdir, larowlan: Exposed date filters ’empty’ and ‘not empty’ are broken
  • #2974274 by mitrpaka, RumyanaRuseva, joachim: exception message for unrecognized source IDs in lookupDestinationIds() should have more detail
  • #2809305 by Upchuk, Pavan B S, Jo Fitzgerald, tim.plunkett, Berdir: Block Context assignment form element shows even if no options are available
  • #3018774 by xjm: hook_post_update_NAME() docs do not explain batching/ parameter
  • #3018539 by phenaproxima, rodrigoaguilera, alexpott: Media types cannot be created in the UI without JavaScript
  • #3018764 by Wim Leers: One test case in MediaUiFunctionalTest is not actually tested due to a duplicate key
  • #2998462 by AndyF, Baysaa, Siavash, tim.plunkett, millionleaves, fatmarker: Error adding Content Type Selection criteria or Context
  • #3016501 by govind.maloo, andrewmacpherson, markconroy: Writing style – Umami should be capitalised when it is used as a proper noun in English
  • #2916595 by phenaproxima, AdamPS, Wim Leers: File element discards attributes if #multiple
  • #2883260 by kiamlaluno, yogeshmpawar, msankhala, benjifisher, alexpott, bdlangton: Replace the schema example with one actually used from a module
  • #2883553 by govind.maloo, msankhala, seanB, Berdir, xjm, alexpott: Obsolete argument for hasPermission in node_node_access()
  • #3016011 by mikelutz, quietone, alexpott: Reroll all migrate dump files
  • #3017753 by mxr576, alexpott: MemoryBackend should validate the passed cids


Tags: CMS, Drupal, Portal, Softaculous

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